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The Ultimate Lightsaber Experience

Neopixel Lightsabers

The force is strong and the lightsabers are even stronger

Our catalog of finely-crafted, high-quality lightsabers is sure to impress even the most discerning Jedi or Sith.

With a focus on precision engineering and innovative design, our hilts are a great addition to anyone's collection.

From the sleek and sophisticated to the bold and powerful, our selection has something for everyone.


Change colors and effects with a button press or a twist of the handle

High Realism

Most realistic lightsaber experience


High quality speaker and electronic and sound clips


Fully loaded sabers with blade and sound effects for enhanced experien e


What our customers are saying

"It's definitely one of the best Dark Sabers out there & a very nice collectible for any Star Wars & Mandolorian fan. Especially right now as I'm writing this review with the 30% off it's definitely more than worth it. ..."

Dominik K

"I had been incredibly skeptical and nervous about it when I ordered, but when it arrived, I was very pleased with it. Assembly is easy, non-complex, and fun to use and feels awesome to collect and have.
I’m a huge fan of Jedi Fallen Order; so having this is amazing."


"I love this saber it works perfectly and super fast shipping got it in 8 days you guys are amazing people give us the Opportunity to have a dream come true thank you so much from the bottom my heart you guys are truly a fantastic guys to anyone out there differently get one they are right on Top of shipping and they are best I ever had will do more business with you guy this saber blow me away wow love it thank you so much"

Matt N.



Most advanced electronic boards to choose from.

Our sabers can be equipped with one of the following industry leading neopixel boards:

SN Pixel, Golden Harvest or Proffie



Our neopixel sabers come packaged with super bright 50W cree led blades. They create a powerful and uniform illumination for the most realistic experience.



Our hilts are made from aircraft grade T6 aluminum alloy. This tough metal alloy is the perfect choice as the hilt material as it is light and yet very strong. These qualities enable us to make the duel worthy uncompromising hilts that we do.

Neopixel Lightsaber Duel