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Anakin EP2

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After losing his first lightsaber on Geonosis, Anakin Skywalker set about building a new lightsaber. He carried the it during the Battle of Rendili, but it didn't taste first blood until he engaged in a lightsaber duel. The weapon was also used by Skywalker in other early battles such as the battle with Asajj Ventress. After the duel, in which Anakin was victorious, the weapon was wielded by Skywalker for the rest of the Clone Wars. Anakin used this lightsaber for many battles to come.

The polished hilt and stable emitter allow precise movements and better maneuverability, making it perfect for display and dueling. Plus, with a T6 Aircraft Aluminum hilt and polycarbonate blade, you can trust that it'll hold up as you walk your unique path throughout the galaxy. Embrace your inner self.

Anakin EP2
Anakin EP2 Sale price$450.95 Regular price$529.95