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The Relic saber is not just a tool, it is a work of art. Crafted with premium materials including T6 Aircraft Aluminum and a polycarbonate blade, it exudes durability, efficiency, and elegance.

This saber is designed for those who demand the best, seeking a weapon that showcases their expertise and mastery. With its impeccable artisan craftwork, the Relic saber is sure to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, leaving them trembling at the mere sight of its unparalleled quality.

Relic Hunter
Relic Sale price$314.95 Regular price$349.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Savion Miller

This product is better than I thought. It has a lot of sounds and colors to change, so I'm at a loss as to which one is better. However, the color and sound combinations initially set are good enough for this. I will use this without changing any settings for the time being. Only the bad thing about this product is that the instructions are useless. I had to do some research on the internet before I could use this product. And I still don't know how to operate it. Other than this weak point, I'm glad I bought this product.

Anastacio Deckow

Great product, absolutely fantastic.

Kara Goldner

This lightsaber is stunning and well-built. It's such a unique and cool design. Not to mention absolutely top-notch customer service! This is the first time I've purchased something off of AliExpress and I'm impressed.